Payment by credit card

We offer different options to pay through a credit card.

One is to use a conventional payment processor, WorldPay or CCNow. Using either of the two, you can make the purchase in 5 minutes. However, payment processing on our side will take three days. Using a conventional payment processor, the price for 650 gram chipped dried butea superba is 50 US dollar or 34 euro.

The second option for using your credit card is through Western Union ( or Emoneygram ( Using either of the two, it may take 15 minutes or more to do the transaction, but you can avail of a discount of 20 percent. Thus, the 650 grams chipped dried butea superba costs just 40 US dollar or 27 euro (though there will be a charge of 10 to 20 US dollar by the money transfer company, and these 10 to 20 dollar have to be paid by the customer).

If you want to use Western Union or Emoneygram, please contact us through the following email address:

To pay by credit card and use a conventional payment processor (no discount), click the WorldPay or CCNow button. WorldPay charges in euro, even for payments in US dollars. There is a shipping and handling charge of 25 dollars for orders through CCNow; there is no shipping and handling charge for orders through WorldPay. However, CCNow offers manual credit card clearing which usually works even when a card was rejected by WorldPay.